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Name: Kim Booklass
Senior head Teacher of Aussie Metal Clay
Specialty: Artist & Sculptor, Teacher, Creator & Innovator
Location: Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Certification: Level 1, 2, 3, Master
Contact: +61 (0)417 068 519
Email: kimbooklass@gmail.com

Biography: Born in Australia Kim finds inspiration from all aspects in life. From a young age Kim has been immersed in a ‘variety’ of arts and crafts. As one of Australia’s top designers, Kim has been a pioneer in the field of animal designing and sculpting using molten metal casting. Kim’s introduction to Metal Clay opened a whole new world to her.
Today Kim continues to push the known boundaries of Metal Clay and its uses, as Kim works closely with the creator of Aussie Metal Clays to provide the artistic creativeness and know-how to a developing Metal Clay product. Kim’s motto is “Knowing no Boundaries” and will continue to be an innovator in the Metal Clay world.

Name: Jude Goswell
Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Devizes, Wiltshire, United kingdom
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: +44 (0)7986 200 372
Email: judegoswell@gmail.com
Web: jumacrafts.com

Biography: I am Jude Goswell and I trade as Jumacrafts. I have been working with Metal Clays since 2009 while working full time as a teacher in Further Education. Initially I was self taught, but then attended courses with several UK and international instructors to add to my skills. As retirement was looming, I realised that I could devote more time to my art and decided to gain recognised qualifications. I achieved my Art Clay Levels 1 and 2 and then went on to gain the Art Clay Higher Diploma in 2015. I have worked with many of the brands of silver and base metal clays and have had differing results. I then saw some of the work from Kim Booklass and loved the effects she was achieving with the Aussie Metal Clays. In 2016 I ordered my first AMC bronzes and fell in love with them. Thanks to the support from Ros and Kim I progressed quickly to working with the brass and copper clays. Then along came the silver clay and the suite of clays was complete. I have recently achieved the Level 1 qualification and am now working towards the Level 2. I use SuperFlex clays in the Cricut cutting machine and have produced some video tutorials to help others get started on their Cricut journey. I offer classes in my home workshop in Wiltshire UK as well as offering Skype classes. To arrange a class you can email at judegoswell@gmail.com, message me on my Jumacrafts FB page or phone (UK) 07986200372


Name: Martha Schmidt
Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Certification: Level 1,
Email: coppercauldronart@gmx.de
Web: www.facebook.com/coppercauldronart, www.instagram.com/coppercauldronart 

Biography: My name is Martha and I started my metal clay journey in 2016 when I got my Paragon kiln. Nowadays, I mostly work with the Aussie base metal clays as I like the variety of colours in these metals. I always enjoy learning new techniques such as dichroic glass fusing and keum boo and love traveling to workshops to meet up with like minded people.


Name: Ana Townsend
Specialty: Artist & Teacher
Location: Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, United kingdom
Certification: Level 1,
Contact: +44 (0) 7784 893 209
Email: anatownsend@yahoo.co.uk

Biography: My name is Ana Townsend and I have been working with metal clays since 2006. I am a fully qualified senior teacher on Art Clay Silver and Copper since 2010. Aussie Metal Clays came to my attention in 2016 when by accident I found the magnificent work of Kim Booklass. After a few messages exchanged I ordered a few packets of clay and soon addicted to their soft textures and beautiful colours. I have now my level 1 teachers certificate and working on my level 2. I also have a modest stock of base metals clays and some other Aussie products available to sell in the UK and Europe. I work and teach at my Studio in West Yorkshire (near Leeds) UK. If you would like a Hands On class with Aussies Metal Clays and work on level 1 pieces, I can be contacted with the information above.