Safety First!:

There are many things we could say about safety, but I would hope that we would all agree that safety is paramount! It is very important to take every safety precaution available when working with any Metal Clay Powders so we will touch on a few safety issues here for you. One of the safety issues that crops up when using metal clay powders is dust particles and as such a mask is imperative to alleviate this safety concern.


There are various types of safety masks available on the market these days, Personally I would suggest either a P2 or N95 mask, though having said that any mask would be better than none. The mask pictured is the mask that we have been using. It comes with a respirator valve which makes using the mask a little more comfortable especially when you need to use the mask for any length of time. The other area when using a mask is very important is when using the activated coconut carbon. One of the ways to clean the carbon between washes is to pour the carbon from one container to another allowing the dust and some impurities to come away from the carbon in the air. From time to time you could also encounter come small metal particles when doing this so its best to be vigilant and maintain your safety precautions of wearing not only your mask but also safety glasses.

Safety Glasses:

Safety glasses are also great for when you are loading or unloading the kiln and when you are sanding and polishing your pieces, either in green ware or in a metal state.

Heat protective gloves:

When loading and unloading items to a hot kiln, wear heat protective gloves to ensure you protect your heads.

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